Negative Pressure Containment Enclosures

Containment Solutions for:
bioBUBBLE containment enclosures are softwall, negative pressure enclosures designed to contain hazardous agents, aerosols, and other airborne particulates.
bioBUBBLE containment enclosures are ideal for:

Each system is completely customizable and can be constructed in any size or configuration to increase biosafety and promote biosecurity in a containment laboratory.

Design Styles: Cleanrooms And Containment Enclosures

bioBUBBLE softwall cleanrooms and containment enclosures are constructed using an anodized aluminum framework and a durable, vinyl skin, and are powered by HEPA filtered air handlers with energy efficient fans. Equipment is lightweight and easily modified as your needs change. Solutions are available as benchtop enclosures, freestanding rooms, and architectural renovations (wall-to-wall designs) to maximize your workspace. You can even create clean and containment conditions within the same environment. Each system is completely customizable and constructed in any size or configuration to suit the specific needs of your space and research.

Custom softwall cleanroom for synthetic DNA and RNA purification that incorporates both a benchtop and walk-in enclosure.

Benchtop containment room within a cleanroom adds both product and personnel protection.

Large containment enclosure for food processing research.

Uniquely shaped cleanroom for vivarium.

Some of the very first bioBUBBLE cleanroom enclosures have been in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 20 years. bioBUBBLE softwall cleanrooms are economical and durable enough to withstand the most demanding research and manufacturing environments. Contact us to learn more about our technology.


University of Florida

Gressier, Haiti
MDR Tuberculosis Laboratory

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta Canada
Rederivation Facility: Ultra-Clean and Containment Solution

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas USA
BSL 2 Food Safety Research Facility within a Leased Space

Sage Labs

Saint Louis, Missouri USA
Animal Facility Expansion at a Fraction of the Cost

State University of New York (SUNY)

New York, USA
Flow Cytometry Lab

Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas USA
Customized Primary Containment Environment for Foodborne Pathogens

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado USA
ABSL-3 Tuberculosis Research Laboratory

CINVESTAV in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
Award-Winning Breeding and Research Facility

University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand
Medical School Vivarium
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