HEPA-Filtered Barriers for Personnel and Materials to Enter or Exit a Controlled Environment

bioBUBBLE anterooms or airlock rooms are softwall enclosures available with dedicated positive or dedicated negative airflows. They can also be designed to convert between positive and negative pressures to adapt to changing environmental needs.

Constructed in any size or configuration to suit the needs of your specific application, durable, economical anterooms or airlocks are available as an option on any bioBUBBLE cleanroom or containment enclosure. 


bioBUBBLE anterooms and airlocks are constructed using:


Dedicated Doffing Space: Negative pressure bioBUBBLE anterooms provide containment barrier areas for personnel to perform doffing procedures prior to exiting BSL-2, BSL-3, and BSL-4 areas.

Dedicated Donning Space: Positive pressure bioBUBBLE anterooms provide a HEPA-filtered, exclusion environment that controls entry into cleanrooms. Positive pressure anterooms also maintain the integrity of sterile gowning materials and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Docking Systems: Provide a suitable location for the introduction of sterile materials under aseptic conditions. bioBUBBLE designs and manufactures custom docking systems to mate with autoclave containers, glove box isolator ports, pass-through boxes, or any other equipment. Talk to us about your procedures.

Air Barriers: Create air barriers for effective isolation of specific rooms and areas within your facility.

Solve Air Balance Problems: Compensate for improper air balancing that may be present with older or problematic building ventilation systems.

Eliminate Disease Transmission: Reduce the possibility of airborne transmission and transference of pathogen-laden airborne particulates.

Regulatory Compliance: Assist with personnel compliance of regulatory guidelines without the need for permanent, invasive, and expensive hard construction.

Customized Solutions: Contact us to discuss a solution for your application.

Features and Benefits

Environmental Separation: The bioBUBBLE anteroom offers a portable, low cost, non-invasive method of achieving environmental separation within your facility, regardless of the air balance of the hard room.

Isolation: Effectively isolate individual hard rooms, allowing your facility to utilize mixed-use corridors while eliminating concerns of cross-contamination between individual rooms.

Assist with Standard Operating Procedures: Provide dedicated areas for implementation of standard operating procedures (e.g., donning and doffing) to help with protocol reinforcement.

Installation and Training: bioBUBBLE offers complete on-site installation and training performed by qualified bioBUBBLE technicians with little to no interruption of the workflow in your facility.

Energy Efficient: Power units in bioBUBBLE anterooms use electronically commutated motors for energy savings. 

Learn more about how bioBUBBLE anterooms and airlock rooms can enhance your laboratory environment. Contact us today!

Design Styles: Cleanrooms And Containment Enclosures

bioBUBBLE softwall cleanrooms and containment enclosures are constructed using an anodized aluminum framework and a durable, vinyl skin, and are powered by HEPA filtered air handlers with energy efficient fans. Equipment is lightweight and easily modified as your needs change. Solutions are available as benchtop enclosures, freestanding rooms, and architectural renovations (wall-to-wall designs) to maximize your workspace. You can even create clean and containment conditions within the same environment. Each system is completely customizable and constructed in any size or configuration to suit the specific needs of your space and research.

Custom softwall cleanroom for synthetic DNA and RNA purification that incorporates both a benchtop and walk-in enclosure.

Benchtop containment room within a cleanroom adds both product and personnel protection.

Large containment enclosure for food processing research.

Uniquely shaped cleanroom for vivarium.

Some of the very first bioBUBBLE cleanroom enclosures have been in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 20 years. bioBUBBLE softwall cleanrooms are economical and durable enough to withstand the most demanding research and manufacturing environments. Contact us to learn more about our technology.


University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta Canada
Rederivation Facility: Ultra-Clean and Containment Solution

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas USA
BSL 2 Food Safety Research Facility within a Leased Space

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado USA
ABSL-3 Tuberculosis Research Laboratory

CINVESTAV in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
Award-Winning Breeding and Research Facility

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa USA
SCID Pig Laboratory Renovation
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