The bioBUBBLE Advantage

Multiple design styles: benchtop, freestanding or wall to wall designs with several air handler options to fit your space.

Flexible: Lightweight, flexible designs are easily modified as your needs change.

Improved communication and supervision: Clear vinyl walls facilitate supervision by allowing complete visual access without the need to enter the controlled environment. Communication is improved via visual access.

Easy to Clean: Zippered and hook and loop connections make bioBUBBLE Enclosures easy to clean and maintain. Enclosures tolerate all standard sterilants and disinfectants.

Energy Efficient: Power Units use electronically commutated motors for energy savings.

Cost Savings: Reduce capital costs by 30% – 45%. This investment is transportable and can be relocated or retrofitted as location or applications change.

Minimal downtime: On site installation and training performed by qualified bioBUBBLE technicians, with little to no interruption of the workflow in your facility.

Customized Options Allow You to Design an Enclosure That Will Work For You, Contact Us Today!

We have the Solution to Transform Your Space Efficiently and Creatively!

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