Laboratory Renovation Services

biobubble laboratory renovation services

bioBUBBLE has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing softwall cleanroom and containment solutions for facilities around the world.

Whether you need a solution that is a remodel or purpose built, temporary or long-term, bioBUBBLE will provide you with personalized service and cost-effective, innovative applications for almost any environmental challenge.

Consulting services from bioBUBBLE include space planning, HVAC consultation, flow patterns, and standard operating procedure compliance.

The bioBUBBLE sales team associates can help you:

See Examples of bioBUBBLE Facility Design Projects:

biobubble cinvestav in mexico city

CINVESTAV in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
Award-Winning Breeding and Research Facility
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biobubble sage labs

Sage Labs

Saint Louis, Missouri USA
Animal Facility Expansion at a Fraction of the Cost
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biobubble university of calgary

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta Canada
Rederivation Facility: Ultra-Clean and Containment Solution
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bioBUBBLE provides economical, long-term solutions that will help you quickly transform your valuable space into a world-class research environment. Contact us to talk about the best design for your application to achieve your goals.

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