Create Cleanrooms for SCID Pig Housing from a Storage Area

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa, USA


How to raise SCID pigs in a clean environment.


Create a clean environment with high levels of HEPA filtration in an old storage area. Multi stage anteroom for personnel and materials entering the clean barrier. Unique architectural renovation design allows for multiple large animal environments, access to auto watering systems and maximizes the usable floor space. HEPA filter unit intakes located near the floor capture the highest quantity of airborne particulates. Internal dividers give flexibility and allow you to adjust the size of the enclosure as needs change. Drains are located outside the clean environment.


Minimal renovation costs to convert a storage room into an ultraclean environment for SCID pigs.

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bioBUBBLE Clean Solutions:

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) in Pigs

“A major challenge now is to figure out how to raise these pigs in extremely clean environments.” bioBUBBLE clean environments can help researchers like those at Iowa State University raise pigs with immune deficiencies to test potential medical therapies for people.

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