05_22-Garvan-Photo Australian BioResources | Moss Vale, Australia Breeding and Research Facility

02_CSU0012 Colorado State University | Fort Collins, Colorado ABSL-3 Tuberculosis Research Laboratory

bB_CleanRoom_Auckland3 University of Auckland | Auckland, New Zealand Medical School Vivarium

Kansas_State_3Kansas State University | Manhattan, Kansas Facility

09_LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories | Berkeley California Ultra-Clean University Research Vivarium

07_P1010172 State University of New York (SUNY) Flow Cytometry Lab

CINVESTAV CINVESTAV Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN

CINVESTAV Iowa State University SCID Pig Laboratory Renovation

Sage_Labs Sage Labs | Saint Louis, Missouri USA Animal Facility Expansion at a Fraction of the Cost

AgriLife_Research_2 Texas A&M University Center for Food Safety | College Station, Texas USA Food Safety Research Within a Leased Space

UCalgary_Rederivation University of Calgary | Calgary, Alberta CANADA Rederivation Facility: Ultra-Clean and Containment Solution

bB_FacDes_iCS Institut Clinique de la Souris | Illkirch, France Upgrading Health Status in an SPF Facility Without Renovation or Downtime

cropped-favicon.jpg Universidad de Chile | Santiago, Chile Convert an Outdated Facility to SPF Status

UFL_Haiti University of Florida | Build a Better Haiti Project | Gressier, Haiti Rebuilding Haiti: MDR Tuberculosis Laboratory

faviconCritical Containment Unit (CCU) | Fort Collins, Colorado Infectious Disease Containment for Patients