Biosafety and Biocontainment

bioBUBBLE creates containment enclosures for biosafety in any size or configuration from small benchtop enclosures to large-scale rooms. Enclosures provide primary or secondary containment within rooms or spaces at any containment level. bioBUBBLE sales associates and designers, as well as our independent consultants, are available to provide guidance and ensure compliance with guidelines for these applications:

Biocontainment Solutions – Completely customizable softwall negative pressure enclosures with 99.99% HEPA-filtered exhaust and optional direct connect to your facility’s HVAC system.

Benchtop Biocontainment Enclosures – Class I biosafety cabinet-equivalent system provides containment for BSL-2 and BSL-3 applications.

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Sample Biosafety Projects Featuring bioBUBBLE Softwall Enclosures


Texas A&M University

Negative Pressure Containment Enclosures

Kansas State University


Colorado State University


Australian BioResources

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