The University of Florida has been involved with research in Haiti for over five years. Working in partnership with the Haitian and U.S. governments, their mission is to “work with the Haitian people to improve public health, to foster economic sustainability, and to build a better tomorrow for Haiti.” Since the earthquake of 2010, this industrious group has conducted local vaccine programs, rebuilt schools, established school-based wellness clinics, and expanded school-based nutrition programs.

In 2011, they opened the University of Florida Public Health Laboratory, receiving NIH and Department of Defense funding to research infectious diseases including cholera, malaria and tuberculosis.

Simple, Low-Cost BSL-3 Tuberculosis Lab Using Limited Resources

University of Florida “Build a Better Haiti” Project

Gressier, Haiti


Create a BSL-3 lab in a location with limited resources.


Install a bioBUBBLE Containment Enclosure with minimal construction requirements.


Simple design and construction make this low maintenance solution ideal for improving and converting facilities around the world without readily available resources.

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