In-House Rederivation Facility Incorporates Both Cleanrooms and Containment Rooms

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Subdivide a 2,000 sq ft hard room to create suitable housing and procedural areas for an in-house university rederivation operation.


Design two large bioBUBBLE Environments, one containment, one ultra-clean, for infected vs. clean animal groups. Both enclosures feature antechambers for personnel and materials traffic to support each individual environment. Provide internal separation for embryo transplant procedures within the ultra-clean enclosure. Equip each enclosure with Changing Stations and Bedding Disposal Units for self-sustained cage changing procedures. Create air barriers between the exterior and interior of the hardroom as well as between the barrier and containment zones inside the hardroom using anterooms with bioBUBBLE air showers.


The first bioBUBBLE rederivation facility design to incorporate both negative and positive pressure bioBUBBLE enclosures within the same hard architectural space. Eliminating outsourcing simplifies the process, saving time and money.

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