About bioBUBBLE

bioBUBBLE, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing custom, softwall HEPA-filtered environments for cleanrooms and containment applications for more than 30 years. We are headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado USA.

We specialize in airflow dynamics and work with clients in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. We have completed projects worldwide from small renovations to complete purpose-built solutions for a variety of public and private institutions.

Our HEPA-filtered environments are constructed using anodized aluminum framing and durable vinyl sheeting. They offer a lower-cost option to other solutions. Whether your needs involve benchtop enclosures; freestanding, portable cleanroom or containment solutions; or wall-to-wall designs that work with your existing hard walls and fixtures for cleanrooms or containment, bioBUBBLE solutions offer the most flexibility for an adaptable, cost-effective, long-term solution.

Implementation Process

Our objective is to provide our clients with personalized service and cost-effective, innovative cleanroom and containment solutions for almost any environmental challenge. We pride ourselves on direct and honest communication and the development of long-term relationships with our customers.

We customize a solution for each client. Therefore, we follow a fairly detailed implementation process. We typically start with a conversation to learn more about our clients’ challenges to determine how bioBUBBLE can provide the best possible solution.

Consultation – This phase involves conference calls, reviewing photos and/or a site visit to take measurements and tour the facility. We will discuss our customers’ goals, and understand their standard operating procedures in order to recommend potential solutions.

Design – We work with our customers to develop a design that meets or exceeds regulatory guidelines while accomplishing their goals.

Manufacturing – Our expert in-house manufacturing team cuts, assembles, and welds each cleanroom or containment environment to exact specifications.

Installation and Training – A bioBUBBLE technician installs all components of the cleanroom or containment environment per the design plan and performs basic airflow testing. Technicians also train staff on care, maintenance, assembly/disassembly, and other operational aspects.

Learn more about how bioBUBBLE HEPA-filtered environments can work for you. Talk to one of our specialists today.


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