Cleanrooms & Containment Environments

Biobubble Softwall Cleanrooms And Containment Enclosures Offer The Most Flexibility For Adaptable, Cost-effective Solutions.

Modular, flexible class 10,000 ISO 7, Class 1,000 ISO 6, Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanrooms

Primary and Secondary Containment for Biosafety Levels BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-4, ABSL-2, ABSL-3, ABSL-4, USDA BSL-3-Ag

The bioBUBBLE Benchtop Biocontainment Enclosure (BBE) is an ideal containment solution for cell sorters, cell analyzers, incubators, centrifuges, microscopes, or any benchtop laboratory equipment used in BSL-2 and BSL-3 applications. The BBE exceeds Class 1 Biological Safety Cabinet specifications, capturing aerosols and other airborne particulates emitted during laboratory procedures to protect workers and the lab environment.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe and Chuck Spengler Create Endowment for students in environmental and health sciences.


Restoring Mother Earth: Reintroducing Bison to Their Natural Habit
Chuck Spengler, bioBUBBBLE founder and CEO contributed to American Prairie to restore the Bison to their ancestral home. American Prairie aims to protect and restore the prairie ecosystems with many projects from land preservation to habitat and wildlife restoration.
Check out this page to learn more about the bison restoration project.
When you see a bison herd living in their natural habitat you realize the importance of this project.

Ideal for COVID-19 Research Containment

Our Design Advantages

Flexible: Lightweight, flexible designs are easily modified as your needs change.

Improved communication and supervision: Clear vinyl walls facilitate supervision by allowing complete visual access without the need to enter the controlled environment. Communication is improved via visual access.

Easy to Clean: Zippered and hook and loop connections make bioBUBBLE Enclosures easy to clean and maintain. Enclosures tolerate all standard sterilants and disinfectants.

Energy Efficient: Power Units use electronically commutated motors for energy savings.

Cost Savings: Reduce construction and capital costs by 30% – 45%. This investment is transportable and can be relocated or retrofitted as location or applications change.

Minimal downtime: On site installation and training performed by qualified bioBUBBLE technicians, with little to no interruption of the workflow in your facility.

Longevity: Many of bioBUBBLE’s original facilities are still running 24 hours a day 7 days a week for over 25 years!

Dr. Gary L. Keller

Director, Veterinary Services
Children’s Hospital Research Foundation

“I have been using the bioBUBBLE equipment and working with the staff for over 25 years. The staff is dedicated, cooperative, responsive and they are delightful individuals. The equipment works exceedingly well, keeps the environment super clean and is very dependable. The company is very flexible and will design exactly what you need. I would, without reservation, highly recommend them to anyone in the laboratory animal community.”

Dr. Robert P. Ellis, PhD, CBSP, DACVM

Director of Biosafety
Colorado State University

“We have used bioBUBBLE for over 25 years for many customized containment applications. The sizes of the containment and the containment applications have ranged from an isolation unit in a greenhouse (in order to contain potential pollen) to containment of animals exposed to Risk Group 3 infectious agents. The bioBUBBLE staff have all been very helpful in design and installation of their product. The bioBUBBLE custom product is usually much more economically priced than comparable containment products. I have very high regard for the product and the professional service of bioBUBBLE.”


University of Florida

Gressier, Haiti
MDR Tuberculosis Laboratory

Institut Clinique de la Souris

Illkirch, France
Upgrading Health Status in an SPF Facility Without Renovation or Downtime

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta Canada
Rederivation Facility: Ultra-Clean and Containment Solution

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas USA
BSL 2 Food Safety Research Facility within a Leased Space

Sage Labs

Saint Louis, Missouri USA
Animal Facility Expansion at a Fraction of the Cost

State University of New York (SUNY)

New York, USA
Flow Cytometry Lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories

Berkeley, California USA
Ultra-Clean University Research Vivarium

Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas USA
Customized Primary Containment Environment for Foodborne Pathogens

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado USA
ABSL-3 Tuberculosis Research Laboratory

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile
Convert an Outdated Facility to SPF Status

CINVESTAV in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
Award-Winning Breeding and Research Facility

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa USA
SCID Pig Laboratory Renovation

University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand
Medical School Vivarium

Australian BioResources

Moss Vale, Australia
Breeding and Research Facility for over 400 Mouse Strains
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