Does bioBUBBLE have a representative in my area?

bioBUBBLE and our partner distributors represent customers worldwide. Visit our contact page for more information.

Are customer reference lists available?

Yes. Tell us about your application and we will send you references.

Can I visit a facility that uses bioBUBBLE equipment?

Yes. Contact us to schedule a visit with a facility that is open to receiving visitors.

Some equipment is in stock for immediate shipment. Most custom designs are manufactured and installed within 30-90 days of receiving signed CAD drawings and a purchase order.

Are bioBUBBLE Enclosures only temporary?

No. We have equipment running today with the original vinyl and blowers that were installed more than 20 years ago.

How long will the vinyl last?

We use an industrial-grade vinyl that, with proper care, will easily last 20 years.

Are bioBUBBLE Enclosures a viable alternative to hard architecture?

Yes. bioBUBBLE technology not only provides flexibility and environmental separation, it is known to provide 30-40% savings in overall project costs.

Yes. bioBUBBLE vinyl materials are approved by the California State Fire Marshal.

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