Mobile Clean or Contained Environment

The bioBUBBLE Workstation is a portable, clean or contained environment. You may use as a transport cart or a housing environment. Negative Pressure Workstations provide transportable biocontainment and dedicated quarantine for materials or small populations. Positive Pressure Workstations provide clean isolation for small populations or materials. Use as a transport cart or a housing environment.



Power Requirements: 48 VDC, 1.75 Amps
Power: 84 Watts
Heat Load: 214 BTU/hr
Size: 56”W x 30 ½”D x 79”H
Weight: 235 lb;278 lbs with the battery option
Airflow: Max 150 @115 Volts
HEPA filtration: 99.99% or better on 0.3 micron particles-
IEST-RP-CC-034, certify annually


Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile
Convert an Outdated Facility to SPF Status
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