bioBUBBLE Workstation

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Mobile Contained Environment Workstation

The bioBUBBLE Workstation is a portable, clean or contained environment. Negative Pressure Workstations provide transportable biocontainment and dedicated quarantine for materials or small populations. Positive Pressure Workstations provide clean isolation for small populations or materials. Use as a transport cart or a housing environment.


  • Provide environmental separation between small groups or studies within the same space
  • Temporary or permanent housing within procedural rooms, surgical rooms and imaging areas.
  • Can design to dock to directly to equipment for isolated transfer of materials and animals.
  • Options for shelves, battery backup to provide power during transport, clear or opaque vinyl


Power Requirements: 48 VDC, 1.75 Amps
Power: 84 Watts
Heat Load: 214 BTU/hr
Size: 56”W x 30 ½”D x 79”H
Weight: 235 lb;278 lbs with the battery option
Airflow: Max 150 @115 Volts
HEPA filtration: 99.99% or better on 0.3 micron particles-
IEST-RP-CC-034, certify annually