bioBUBBLE Transport Cart

Portable Positive or Negative Pressure-Controlled Environment

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The bioBUBBLE transport cart is a vehicle that operates under positive, ultra-clean conditions or negative, containment conditions.

Operating as a negative pressure transport cart, it provides transportable containment and dedicated quarantine for materials or small populations.

As a positive pressure transport cart, it provides ultra-clean isolation for small populations or materials.

The bioBUBBLE Transport Cart is ideal for use as a dedicated vehicle or as a housing environment.

bioBUBBLE Transport Carts Provide:

  • Environmental separation between multiple small groups or studies within the same hard room.
  • Ultra-clean isolated or biocontained transport through both vivarium and non-vivarium space. Window covers provide discreet transport of animal models through non-vivarium areas.
  • Temporary or permanent housing within procedural rooms, surgical rooms, and imaging areas.

custom carts directly to isolators, autoclave containers and bioBUBBLE enclosures for isolated transfer of clean materials and animals.

Dedicate single units to individual researchers or studies with small populations to maximize space efficiency.

Simplify transport of materials to or from the autoclave, eliminating the need for time-intensive wrapping or bagging procedures.

Transport Cart Features

Lightweight: Aluminum frames and lightweight synthetics create the lightest units on the market.
Portable: Heavy-duty 5″ casters with brakes.
Capacity: 8-10 standard mouse cages or 4-5 standard rat cages. Space is expandable with the shelf option.
Shelf Option: Provides 3x the caging capacity for mice and 2x for rats.
Battery Option: Provides power during transport.
Quiet: Low noise and vibration levels.

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