bioBUBBLE Clean Environments

Products Ideal for Cleanroom Environments:

bB_CleanRoom_100_9825Cleanrooms – Custom softwall, positive pressure enclosures with 99.99% HEPA filtration.

Transport Cart
– HEPA-filtered portable environment, dedicated positive for clean transport.

bB_Airlock_UnivAnteroom/Airlocks – Soft-walled enclosures ideal for donning/ doffing, air barriers, and docking for material transfer.

Sage_Air_ShowerAir Showers– High volume, low velocity HEPA-filtered air stream for a localized area of high filtration.

bB_Products_HalfSize-BDUBedding Disposal Unit – Personnel protection from airborne particulates.

bB_Products_DiffusionHeadPower Unit with Diffusion Head – High levels of HEPA filtration reduce airborne particulates at the room level.

bB_RackCover_6C6FA4A225EB4439Rack Covers – Durable vinyl-coated polyester covers custom manufactured to fit any size rack, trolley or cart.

bB_HEPAVacHEPA Vacuum – Lightweight, HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean surfaces while reducing allergens and odors.

See bioBUBBLE Cleanroom Projects:

01_Garvan-PhotoAustralian BioResources– Energy Efficient Vivarium

05_DSCN2161University of Auckland– Repurposed Space

00_LBNL0070Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories– Overcrowding Solution

UCalgary_RederivationUniversity of Calgary– Rederivation Operation