Negative Pressure Containment Enclosures

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bioBUBBLE Negative Pressure Containment Enclosures are soft-walled, negative air pressure enclosures powered by an energy efficient, low-maintenance HEPA filtration unit with a small footprint. Each system is completely customizable and can be constructed in any size or configuration to suit the specific needs of your space and research. Available in two design styles: Freestanding and Architecturally Renovated Containment Rooms. Learn about the difference.

Negative Pressure Containment Applications

  • Primary biocontainment from BSL/ABSL 2 to BSL/ABSL 4 levels (P2, P3, and P4)
  • BSL-3-Ag
  • Quarantine environments
  • Surgical suites and procedural areas
  • Isolation of cell sorters and other laboratory equipment
  • Food safety research
  • Powder/compound mixing and preparation
  • Biocontainment of pollens and plant matter for horticultural research
  • Customized solutions – call us to discuss a solution for your application