bioBUBBLE Products

bB_CleanRoom_100_9825Cleanrooms Custom softwall, positive pressure enclosures with 99.99% HEPA filtration.

bB_NegativePressCont_DSCF1734Negative Pressure Containment Enclosures Custom softwall, negative pressure enclosures with 99.99% HEPA-filtered exhaust.

Sandford_Burnham_BBEBenchtop Biocontainment Enclosures Class I equivalent system provides primary containment for BSL-2 and 3 applications.

bB_Airlock_UnivAnteroom/Airlocks Softwall enclosures ideal for donning/doffing, air barriers, and docking for material transfer.

bB_Catalog_AirShowerAir Showers High volume, low velocity HEPA-filtered air stream for a localized area of high filtration.

bB_Products_DiffusionHeadAirflow2Power Unit with Diffusion Head High levels of HEPA filtration to reduce dust, dander, and other airborne particulates at the room level.

Transport_Cart_ConvTransport Cart Transportable biocontainment or dedicated quarantine environment.

bB_HSBDU_ConcV2Bedding Disposal Unit Personnel protection from airborne particulates.

bB_RackCover_6C6FA4A225EB4439Rack Covers Durable vinyl-coated polyester covers custom manufactured to fit any size rack, trolley or cart.