Architecturally Renovated vs. Freestanding Enclosures

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bioBUBBLE Freestanding and Architecturally Renovated Enclosures provide an economical, long-term solution that will help you quickly transform your valuable space into a world-class research environment.

bioBUBBLE Clean and Containment Rooms are custom, soft-walled enclosures constructed in any size or configuration to suit the specific needs of your space and research.

There are two types of designs available: Freestanding and Architecturally Renovated Enclosures.

Freestanding Enclosures are flexible, portable, and expandable. Simple design and construction enables equipment to be used as a permanent solution that is easily stored or modified as needs change.

Architecturally Renovated Enclosures provide a unique solution for spaces with architectural challenges. This construction uses a combination of existing hard walls and bioBUBBLE soft walls, custom dividers, and custom ductwork to provide HEPA filtration to any space. Architecturally Renovated Enclosures divide and isolate portions of existing space, modify small or inefficient spaces, and provide access to existing cabinets, fixtures, and workstations while maintaining a clean or contained environment and maximizing floor space.