Contact bioBUBBLE

tel 970.224.4262
fax 970.224.2419

Chuck Spengler
Director of Research & Development

Kimberly Dazey
Accounts Manager 
970.224.4262 x100

Larry A. Werth
Sr. Sales Representative 
970.224.4262 x103

Kathleen Schmidt
Industrial CAD Designer 
970.224.4262 x104

Jack Cooley
Industrial CAD Designer 
970.224.4262 x105

Dylan Miller
Industrial CAD Designer 
970.224.4262 x112

Travis Rodriguez
Production Manager 
970.224.4262 x107

Product Sales & Consulting
Sales Department

Parts, Service & Technical Support
Customer Service Department

International Representatives

Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, China
Nomura Jimusho, Inc.
Mr. Shigeyasu Koido
+81 3 3502 1470

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam
i-DNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd
Dr. Thuan Bui
+65 6779 0665

Mexico, South America
Coming soon.

Europe, UK, Israel
Mr. Paolo Tamborini
+39 331 44 95 680

All Other Locations Worldwide
bioBUBBLE, Inc.
+1 970 224 4262

Independent Consultants

Dr. Robert Ellis, PhD, CBSP, DACVM
Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course
tel 970.491.8268

Dr. Toya McWilliams, Dip. ACLAM

Jeff Freeman, BE, PhD.
Research Facility Planner
+61 417 410 791

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