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bioBUBBLE, Inc. has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of custom soft-walled environments for ultra-clean and biocontainment applications. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, we have projects worldwide, from minor renovations to complete turnkey solutions.

Our objective is to provide you with personalized service and cost-effective, innovative solutions for almost any environmental challenge. We pride ourselves on direct and honest communication and the development of long-term relationships with our customers.
We look forward to providing you with unique solutions and superior customer service for the next 30 years.

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Client Testimonials

“We have used bioBUBBLE for over 25 years for many customized containment applications. The sizes of the containment and the containment applications have ranged from an isolation unit in a greenhouse (in order to contain potential pollen) to containment of animals exposed to Risk Group 3 infectious agents. The bioBUBBLE staff have all been very helpful in design and installation of their product. The bioBUBBLE custom product is usually much more economically priced than comparable containment products. I have very high regard for the product and the professional service of bioBUBBLE.”

Dr. Robert P. Ellis, PhD, CBSP, DACVM
Director of Biosafety
Colorado State University


“I have been using the bioBUBBLE equipment and working with the staff for over 25 years. The staff is dedicated, cooperative, responsive and they are delightful individuals. The equipment works exceedingly well, keeps the environment super clean and is very dependable. The company is very flexible and will design exactly what you need. I would, without reservation, highly recommend them to anyone in the laboratory animal community”.

Dr. Gary L. Keller
Director, Veterinary Services
Children’s Hospital Research Foundation


“I originally met the bioBUBBLE team in California and marveled at the technology. Years later I moved to Seattle working with various infectious diseases (airborne) and staff members were exposed. The only manner in which I could continue with the research according to the DEA was if I installed a bioBUBBLE. I contacted the team in Colorado, worked with at least 5 different bioBUBBLE staff members over the years and introduced the equipment to various companies throughout the northwest. All the staff in our facility love the equipment for we feel safe when working with pathogenic airborne organisms. Whenever there is a risk for infection I call Mr. Werth who promptly replies and provides us with 100% effective service”.

Winston Wicomb
Senior Scientist/ Vivarium Manager
Infectious Disease Research Institute